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Processing expenses

Processing expenses To add expense transactions to the ledger each month, start on the Banking tab Rent Wilson Associates is our landlord. Our rent is paid automatically through Bank of America. When the check clears, it appears on the Banking screen. When a charge appears from Wilson Associates for about $6,065: Click the transaction Ensure …

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How to edit an asset in the Grand Central database

When to edit an asset when an asset moves location Is sold or disposed of Is listed inaccurately To edit an asset to the database you will need: Access to edit the wiki Access to the AMT Grand Central – email [email protected] You will need a user account first. Email [email protected] to request one. Link: …

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How to use the Asset Shortcode Plugin

We have a new plugin that adds information from AMT Grand Central to wiki articles, posts or pages. Summary use the following shortcodes between brackets to get a variety of information from AMT Grand Central about AMT Assets. amt-asset id=ASSET NUMBER  (basic asset information including the latest status) amt-location-assets id=ASSET NUMBER  (All the assets in …

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