Ace Makerspace Textiles program encompasses sewing, leatherwork, fiber arts, and silkscreening!

sewing machine

Specialty Sewing Machines

Ace has a nice complement of specialty sewing machines. These machines require certification.

  • Pfaff Walking Foot. This machine is set up for heavy-duty fabric and leather. It is a real beast that can sew through just about anything. 
  • Cowboy Walking Foot. This is a cylinder-bed sewing machine ideal for heavyweight specialty projects like shoes and bags. 
  • Janome Cover Stitch. This machine is specifically for hems and finishing. It is especially useful for any projects with knit or stretchy fabric.
  • Juki Serger. This machine is very versatile but takes practice to use correctly. It is wonderful for a clean finish and a must for large projects with stretchy fabric.

General information and User Guides

Machines and tools

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