How to report on equipment

Reasons to log activity

  • The thing acting strangely
  • The thing is broken
  • The thing is fixed
  • People need to know about the thing
  • You cleaned or maintained the thing

How to log activity

In Slack

  • Go to the relevant channel
  • Type: /asset AMT### your update. Example
    • /asset AMT001 Up. Rails cleaned and lubricated.
  • Slackbot will respond with a message telling you the status has been updated.
  • If the issue is with access points or doors, follow the reporting steps listed here

Examples of /Asset Posts

  • /asset AMT### Up. But making a funky grindy noise. Need help to see if it is broken.
  • /asset AMT### Up. Tables cleaned and waxed
  • /asset AMT### Down. Sparking and dropping power. Seems very unsafe.
  • /asset AMT### Up. Fixed damaged cord. Thanks for the quick QC @team-(tool)
  • /asset AMT### Down. It is jamming and stopping every few min. I don’t know if it is broken or I am doing something wrong but wanna be safe.
  • /asset AMT### Up. Cleaned the optics and did the rails. Lots of build-up this time. See Slack for photos.

What to do when there is no asset number?

Not to worry, you can report that too! Here are the steps:

  • Go to the relevant channel on slack
  • Make a post about what broke/got fixed, etc.
  • If at all possible post a photo of the thing or situation

Example: There is an issue with the Network. Go to #amt-network and post about the issue, provide screenshot if at all possible.


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