Optimizing AMT Communications

Optimizing AMT Communications has two parts,
1) getting rid of pesky Meetup emails and
2) making sure you see ~~ACTUAL~~ AMT emails.


Step 1) Getting rid of Meetup emails that pretend to be AMT emails

  1. Go to Meetup.com (make sure you’re logged in)
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner, select “Settings”
  3. On the menu on the left, select “Email Updates” (second link under General)
  4. If you want NO emails:
      • Locate the big button at the top right that says “TURN OFF”
      • CLICK IT!
      • When you do it right, it should look like this:

  1. If you want to receive select emails :
      • Pick and choose the check boxes along the right hand side
      • Under “Updated about your groups”, click “Ace Monster Toys
      • Continue checking/unchecking boxes as your prefer.


Step 2) Making sure you see ACTUAL AMT emails (gmail)

These instructions work best on a computer

  1. Locate the gear in the top right corner of your gmail inbox
  2. In the gear’s dropdown, select “Settings”
  3. Along the top menu bar, select “Filters and blocked addresses”
  4. Halfway down the page, click “Create new filter”
  5. In the “From” box, paste the following text: @acemonstertoys.org
  6. Click “Create filter”
  7. Check the box next to “categorize as:”
  8. On the same “Categorize as:” line, select “Primary” in the drop down box
  9. Click “Create Filter”!

Thanks for making the decision to stay an informed participant of our member-run community!

When you do it right, it should look like this:

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