3D Printing

Using 3D printers at ACE

We teach 3D printing 101 to go over the ins and out’s of use printers and also specifically using printers at ACE. ACE Members must attend this class before using our 3D printers. This free class is offered regularly, followed by an unstructured ‘hangout’ gathering.  (see the calendar for dates).  You don’t need ACE membership to join us for 3D printing night! Everybody is welcome.

The printers

We have two 3D printers available (as of 10/20/2020).  The following asset pages have specific details about each printer as well as the status of each.  The status can also be checked on Slack by using the “/asset” command.

AMT250 Prusa I3 Mk2.5 3D printer

AMT120 Prusa I3 MK2

AMT003 Type A Series 1 3D Printer

Where they are

The printers live upstairs in the northeast corner of the co-working space; #214. The computer is configured with the software you need for printing.  For designing, you might want to use a different machine or your own laptop. Feel free to put temporary files on this machine, but know that they will get deleted during periodic cleanup. The Fileserver is the best place for your permanent files.


Filament for member use is kept in the chest of drawers under the table on the north wall. If you have a large project, it would be a good idea to bring your own, so you don’t run out of your chosen color, etc.  If you’d like to donate filament to the space we’d be very grateful.  We can use 1.75mm filament only.

If you use anything other than PLA or PET please talk to the steward first.  Some materials cause extra wear and tear that you may be required to pay for.

If you need help

Contact the steward, Ted H. @thullar, on Slack .  If you use the #3dprinting channel, you may get an even faster response from someone else in the community.

Visit our website to see the latest 3D Printing, classes and helpful information.

General info

This youtube video gives a quick but excellent overview of 3D printers and terminology.
3D Printing FAQ answers questions about 3D printing in general, and specifically at ACE
3D printing glossary defines some of the jargon.
Modeling Software for 3D printing lists some tools you might find useful
3D printing links lists some sites we think are worth visiting.

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