Storage at Ace

Storage policy

General Storage Policy

This policy applies to all storage at Ace Makerspace in addition to area-specific policies.

  • Ace does not provide long-term storage.
  • Basic Member Storage is available for free to members for two weeks. Exceptions to the two-week storage limit can be made for the following cases:
    • Active projects. Projects that you are returning to work on at least every two weeks and that have a somewhat predictable end date.
    • Tools you consistently use
    • Materials in bin storage that are cycled regularly for production purposes
  • To get an extension you must apply for it. Learn more here
    • Expired (red-tagged) items are not eligible for extensions in most cases. Apply for the time you need up front, please.
  • ALL items at Ace must be tagged with the relevant tag. See How Tags Work below.
  • Storage exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis when you’re working on something really cool. If your project won’t fit in basic storage, email [email protected] BEFORE you start and we’ll work with you to see if it’s feasible to do at Ace. Ask for permission first, not forgiveness later. 
  • Ace is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings.
  • All items in materials bins are available for general member use. See room by room storage guidelines. 

What NOT to do

  • DO NOT AT ANY TIME PILE THINGS IN CORNERS or anywhere else besides designated storage areas.
  • Ace and Ace storage cannot be used as a drop-off exchange location for folks to trade, sell or give things to other members/people. DO NOT LEAVE STUFF HERE FOR OTHERS TO PICK UP.

Summary of Policy:

Gold Tag Storage Extension Application

  • Do NOT re-date blue tags. Two-week limit on storage. If you need more time get an extension approval (Gold Tag) before the blue tag expires. Or take your stuff home until you are really ready to work on it!
  • No glue up on the black shelves or on the floor in #113. New tables have been provided.
  • Stored items will now be moderated daily and purged 1x per month rigorously. 

Note about extensions. You must have an approved storage extension (Gold Tag) on file to get extended storage privileges. Storage extensions are unlikely to last more than 8 weeks for project materials but will be granted on a case by case basis. Fill out this form to request an extension. 

Storage Extension Request Form

Storage Policies for Members

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Room By Room Storage Information

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Storage Operations How To Guides

How to do a Basic Member Storage purge

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How to update Storage Tags

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Storage Tools

Storage FAQ

Q: If I get an extension can I add materials to the bundle and pile for more projects?

A: Be reasonable and don’t bogart space. Adding a reasonable amount of stuff so that you can make your awesome thing is fine. It won’t be extended your Gold tag date though.

Q: Can I have more than one project with a blue tag going at at time?

Yes! Making things is awesome. And sometimes folks have a project and then a bin of tools. Follow the etiquette of the area you are storing your things in… even if you are sewing, woodworking, laser cutting and doing electronics. 

Q: If I have more than one project going do smy approved extension apply to all of them?

A: Umm. No. One extension per project (aka Blue Claims Tag). And yes we know how long stuff is there… even if you swap your blue tag. Gaming the system is not respectful.