Category: Officer Resources

Recording Bills

What:┬áThis article explains the steps for recording invoices so that vendors can get paid in a timely manner. Who: Treasurer, MonsterCorps, Officers Why: We need to ensure billing records are stored properly for at least three years and we want to avoid paying vendors late. Pre-Steps Most often, bills are approved by the Executive Director …

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Program Planning for Grants

Program Planning for Grants Title Description Provide a high-level explanation of the project or program. Statement of Need Why should the funder invest in this? How will this improve the community you are serving? Which problems will this solve? Budget Summary Include line items and the total. If requesting donated equipment or other goods, note …

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How to run monthly metrics

The monthly metrics are run as part of the State of the Organization Report (SOO). Admin access to the primary site and the spreadsheet on the Ace google drive is required. Pulling Membership Numbers Login to Download the data as CSV’s using the following links: Merge all the data into …

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