Honor Bar purchasing

To be most efficient, purchases are organized as a once-a-month buying trip. Check levels according to the list below to make sure we don’t have miles of stock inventory already. Whenever possible, purchases for the honor bar should be compostable.


Keurig coffee machine

For the Keirug coffee maker, all Keurig pods should be priced at under a dollar per pod and be compostable.

  • 1 kind of decaf coffee
  • 4 boxes of dark roast
  • 4 boxes of light roast
  • 2 kinds of tea
  • Coffee cups with lids – 2 sleeves


  • Coke – 2 cases
  • Random Soda you like – 2 cases
  • 2 flavors of la Croix / Calastoga or otherwise 0 cal fuzzy water


need to be $0.75 or less per piece cost to us

  • 3 kinds of inexpensive granola bars
  • Chips (for the love of god, no more plain chips)
  • Cookies – Snack packs


Meeting Nights

  • Paper Plates (compostable)
  • Cups for hot foods and soups  (compostable)
  • Spoons / forks  (compostable)
  • Napkins  (compostable)

General meeting

the target is an average of $75 to $100 per meeting

  • Ice – 1 bag
  • Food
  • Beer/Beverages

Note: Whenever possible, products for the Honor Bar should be compostable!




Safeway (instacart)

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