Ace Makerspace as a large industrial laser, the Barracuda from LightObject. 

Link to the Laser Tool Status

This laser cutter is a 100w C02 infrared laser suitable for cutting wood, acrylic, fabrics,  leathers and more. It can etch glass and some metals but doesn’t cut either. 

Learning and Certification

We offer 2 ways to get certified, one for experienced users and one for beginners. Learn more on the Ace Makerspaces website. Both classes include everything you need to be certified to use the Ace laser. 

We also will be starting project classes in Spring 2021 that give users the opportunity to make something cool on the laser and have exposure to get the process in general. 


  • The laser costs money to use – .50¢ a min. firing time
  • 1300mm x 900mm bed size
  • Using the laser requires certification
  • Only ACE members can use the laser
  • There is a nifty binder in the room with additional helpful information

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