Category: Director Resources

How to run monthly metrics

The monthly metrics are run as part of the State of the Organization Report (SOO). Admin access to the primary site and the spreadsheet on the Ace google drive is required. Pulling Membership Numbers Login to Download the data as CSV’s using the following links: Merge all the data into …

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Board Support and Monster Corps

Monster Corps is an amazing resource. The Board can access this resource via the ED and/or the Coordinator for the program. The ED and other officers may also access the talents of the Monster Corps members to fulfill requests made by the board. Examples of appropriate requests* Research requests. Google searches to find examples of …

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How to report expenses (and get reimbursed)

What: This article explains the steps for reporting expenses and, when necessary, receiving reimbursements from Ace for approved purchases.  Who: Stewards, Directors, Officers, Members Why: If you make an approved purchase for Ace, it’s important that we recognize the expense of the purchase, and if needed, reimburse you for the purchase. Pre-Steps Set up an Expensify …

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