How to process Honor Bar bills

Cash and IOU collection – Support Associate or MonsterCorps

  1. Collect the cash and paper IOU from both honor bars.
  2. Neatly count the cash. Place the money in an envelope marked with the date, amount, and “Honor Bar.”
  3. Place the cash envelope in the Treasurer’s mailbox and fill out this form re: the deposit.

Monthly Bills

We have a kiosk at the honor bars where members can run up a tab. Once a month we use a custom plug-in to send bills for Tabs over $5. This is how

  1. Login to the website (as an administrator)
  2. Go to the Dashboard
  3. Go to the Ace Honor Bar Plugin Menu
  4. Choose Dashboard from that sub menu
  5. Click “Generate Invoice” for the tabs you want to bill
  6. On the order generated choose “Pending Payment” as the order Status
  7. Under Order Actions choose “send invoice…”
  8. Click Update – This will email the bill to the member

Monthly Billing – MonsterCorps

Out of Date: this process has been replaced by a custom WordPress Plugin.

  1. Sort the IOU slips by person. Match to any existing unbilled IOU slips. Bill all people who have $5 or more in IOUs. Set aside all the other items for the next billing cycle.
  2. Discard tickets or coupons that are ripped or damaged. Return clean tickets to Ace for reuse.
  3. In the billing system of the Ace main website (WooCommerce – Store Manager or Admin role is required for this task), choose “Add Order”.
  4. Scroll down to the section titled “Order #______ details” and select the member to be billed in “Customer” drop-down menu.
  5. Scroll beyond the billing and shipping addresses and click “Add item(s)” in the next section, then “Add product(s)”. Add all of the products from that person’s IOUs.
  6. Scroll up to the “Order actions” section and choose “Email invoice…”, then click the create button.


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