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Program Planning for Grants

Program Planning for Grants Title Description Provide a high-level explanation of the project or program. Statement of Need Why should the funder invest in this? How will this improve the community you are serving? Which problems will this solve? Budget Summary Include line items and the total. If requesting donated equipment or other goods, note …

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Paying Bills

What: This article explains the steps for sending in invoices and getting paid as a vendor for Ace. If you’re a member looking to get reimbursed, click here. Who: Vendors, Officers Why: If you do an approved service for Ace, it’s important that we pay you while documenting everything we’ll need. Pre-Steps Share a complete W9 …

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How to run laser billing

Laser billing should ideally be run on the 15th of the month, 1x per month. Login to WordPress and go to the Laser Billing Dashboard Run the laser billing In another tab, Go to WooCommerce>Orders>On Hold Review all the new On Hold bills that were created Add discounts where needed Zero “Org” usage billing amounts …

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