Category: Instructor Resouces

AMT332 HP Chromebook

How to use this chrome book The intention of this Chromebook is to be a convenient tool for instructors, teaching assistants, and volunteers. It is set up with accounts and shortcuts for checking people into events (vax verifications), updating the wiki, and just helping people sign up. It is okay to use this machine in …

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Instructor Invoicing

If you are a contract instructor with ACE you will have an official Independent Contractor Agreement and payment schedules agree to and sign. This Agreement details how to get paid, but here is a summary: You invoice us within 30 days of providing services and we pay you We use Gusto to process payments via …

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Buying Workshop Materials

Ace has a bunch of ways to buy materials for workshops. We use local vendors when possible and practical. There are two methods for purchasing workshop materials and both require that all receipts are turned in.  This post covers purchasing materials but not budgeting, planning or reporting. Those topics are covered in other posts. For …

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