How to get a key fob

Updated March 11, 2022

Getting your first fob

There are three ways to get your first fob.

Please note that your fob is tied to your account even if you take a break from membership. If you renew or restart your membership, you will not need a new fob or need to go through the activation process.

Please note that if you are here for another workshop, your host or instructor may be able to help you get a fob as well.

Getting a replacement fob

You can get a replacement fob from the fob-making station in suite 206 (Coworking / Textiles). There are a bunch of ways to get access to the space including:

  • Asking one of your fellow members to help you get access
  • Coming to the Weekly Tour
  • Contact our awesome Member Services associate to coordinate a pick-up. Current availability is approximately Wednesday’s and Thursdays. Click here to book a 1:1 appointment
  • Coming at the very beginning of a workshop happening in that room

In both cases follow the instructions provided to get the new fob associated with your membership account.

When your fob will be activated

When you picked up your fob you got a little white slip of paper with instructions on it and a unique code on it. That code is what you need to email in. These are the instructions on the paper:

  1. Set up a member account and pay your dues on
  2. Sign your paperwork via links on your my My Account page via DocuSign
  3. Add your profile picture to your WordPress Profile
  4. Send an email to fob[email protected] with the unique number on your instructions.

We have a tiny team of staff processing things like fob requests. Generally speaking, we get to things within 24 hours to 48 hours. Sometimes faster but our level of service is 24 to 48 hour response time. To determine if the situation needs immediate attention please read the following wiki post and follow the instructions.

Here is a video of the total sign up process.


Activating Replacement Fobs

Reactivating fobs when members return is an automated process, but vaccination verification is not. To check your status go to the Ace Member Directory and check your profile for C192 Certification. If you see your profile and the certification your fob, if you have one on file, is active.

Reactivating Fobs

If your membership was not active, but you still have your fob, rejoining or paying your dues will reactivate your fob if your account is up to date with the latest policies (see below). The fob reactivation process can take up to 1 hour from the time your membership is reactivated. This is the time it takes for all the doors and devices to see your info. This also assumes that your account is in good standing, all your paperwork is up to date, and so on.

As of August 2022, the following must be true to have an Ace account be fully active with a working fob:

  • The account must be dues current
  • The account must have no old unpaid bills on it
  • The membership paperwork must be on file including vaccination verification
  • Vaccination paperwork should be validated by an Ace staff person. You can check this by looking at your Ace profile for the C192 certificaiton.
  • A current recognizable photo of your face needs to be on your account
  • You must have an RFID code on file (aka your old or original fob)


  1. Kathy says:

    So I have my fob as I received it in person at the Hello Stitch tour/open house on 3/10/22. I’m now wanting to activate the fob. The only instructions I have found so far indicate that i must send an email to Ace with the number engraved on fob. Do I send a general email to the general Ace email address or to someone specific or a different way altogether? Would love it if I could access the sewing room on Saturday 3/12! But understand that it might take longer for my account to get completely set up.

    • crafty says:

      Hello Kathy,

      That isn’t quite accurate. When you picked up the fob, it came with a white piece of paper. On the paper were instructions to send the code on the paper to [email protected]

      The slip of paper has a big number on the bottom we need to add to your account so your fob is associated with you. I highly recommend coming to the New Member Workshop tomorrow morning (3/12) not only for the tasty donuts and workshop but because I can stay for a few min. after and help get your account activate.

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