How to get a key fob

Please note: Methods for picking up fobs have changed with COVID. More options may be available in the future.

Getting your first fob

  1. Sign up for membership – As part of the process, you will get an email with the building door code in it.
  2. Come to the space and go to the door of Suite 214 – Clean Fab/Workshops
  3. Pick up a fob from the No Contact Box (Outgoing) – It will be in a small brown envelope. There will be unique instructions in the envelope with instructions on submitting your unique fob number for activation.

Getting a replacement fob

You can get a replacement fob two ways:

  1. Grab one from the pick-up box shown above
  2. Get one from the fob making station in suite 206 (Coworking / Textiles)

In both cases follow the instructions provided to get the new fob associated with your membership account.

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