How to get a key fob

Updated June 29, 2021

Getting your first fob

There are three ways to get your first fob.

Please note that your fob is tied to your account even if you take a break from membership. If you renew or restart your membership you will not need a new fob or need to go through the activation process.

Please note that if you are here for another workshop your host or instructor may be able to help you get a fob as well.

Getting a replacement fob

You can get a replacement fob from the fob-making station in suite 206 (Coworking / Textiles). There are a bunch of ways to get access to the space including:

  • Asking one of your fellow members to help you get access
  • Coming to the Weekly Tour
  • Contact our awesome Member Services associate to coordinate a pick-up. Current availability is approximately Wednesday’s and Thursdays. Click here to book a 1:1 appointment
  • Coming at the very beginning of a workshop happening in that room

In both cases follow the instructions provided to get the new fob associated with your membership account.

When your fob will be activated.

We have a tiny team of staff processing things like fob requests. Generally speaking, we get to things within 24 hours to 48 hours. Sometimes faster but our level of service is 24 to 48 hour response time. To determine if the situation needs immediate attention please read the following wiki post and follow the instructions.

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