Tool Certifications

What is certification

Certification means that Ace has a reasonable certainty you have the knowledge to use the tool without hurting yourself or breaking the tool. We go about those two ways;

  • One we provide education where class attendees leaving with the information they need
  • Two with experienced tool users we complete a knowledge check (test) and then education on the idiosyncrasies of our tool and space set up. To qualify for this type of certification users must:
    • Have previous past experience using the same or comparable tool
    • Pass a knowledge check validating their knowledge

How to get certified

We have several tools that require certification before use. See the complete list below. There are two ways to get certified.

  1. Attend a Core Competency and Certification Class. These are great for beginners or those needing a refresher. There are a wide variety of affordable options. All upcoming classes can be found on the AMT public calendar
  2. Experienced users can Test for Certification by booking an appointment with a test person and paying the test fee on the website. Experienced users can see the rubrics we use on the tool pages and can judge for themselves if they have the experience needed to pass the test. Please note that we do not refund the test fee if you do not pass the test.
    1. Step 1: Look up the rubric for the tool you want to test for
    2. Step 2: Fill out the liability forms if you are not already an active Ace member
    3. Step 3: Book the Test with one of our Ace Instructors. See the tool pages on the website
    4. Step 4: Pay the test fee for the tool you want to test for. 

The tools you can currently test out for are the table saw, bandsaw, jointer and planner.

How to see certifications

Seeing certification requires that both the person looking it up and the person you are looking up have active ACE membership accounts and can login to the website.

  • Go to the member directory
  • Click through to the individual user and certifications are listed.

Non-member tool certifications

Often, prospective members will become certified. Ace Makerspace keeps a digital record of non-member certifications; contact [email protected] if you would like to verify a certification or if you have become a member after having been certified on a tool and would like the certification to appear on your ACE profile.

How to report certification

Fill out the Certification Spreadsheet. To request access email [email protected]

Tools that require certification

Training Recommended

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