Tool Certifications

What is certification

Certification means that Ace has a reasonable certainty you have the knowledge to use the tool without hurting yourself or breaking the tool. We go about those two ways;

  • One we provide education where class attendees leaving with the information they need
  • Two with experienced tool users we complete a knowledge check (test) and then education on the idiosyncrasies of our tool and space set up. To qualify for this type of certification users must:
    • Have previous past experience using the same or comparable tool
    • Pass a knowledge check validating their knowledge

How to get certified

We have several tools that require certification before use. See the complete list below. You get certified by attending a Core Competency and Certification Class. These are great for beginners or those needing a refresher. There are a wide variety of affordable options. All upcoming classes can be found on the ACE public calendar.

If you don’t see a class on the calendar it is either due to lack of demand, curricula still being in the development phase or lack of instructor availability. Please see our complete course catalog on the website as well as suggestions for expressing interest in getting a class on the schedule

Please note. We used to have a test-out program for experienced users. We no longer offer this option. It was unsustainable with our tiny staff. We tried with volunteers but the volunteer base and availability were too erratic… folks would move or become unavailable right after we got them trained up. We do admit we have a high standard for our instructors, volunteer or paid. That standard includes being able to teach in inclusive and equitable ways to both beginners and experts. We offer a lot of support for instructors of all kinds to gain skills that are directly applicable to many life situations including traditional careers.

How to see certifications

Seeing certification requires that both the person looking it up and the person you are looking up have active ACE membership accounts and can login to the website.

  • Go to the member directory
  • Click through to the individual user and certifications are listed.

When accounts are updated

Certifications are entered onto Ace Accounts by the team within 1-3 days, Tuesday through Friday. Folks will receive an email confirmation of your certifications from [email protected] when accounts are updated. This process is not automated.

Non-member tool certifications

Often, prospective members will become certified. Ace Makerspace keeps a digital record of non-member certifications! Guests getting certified should have set up a free Guest Account and your certifications can be recorded there for later use when membership is added.

How to report issues with your member certifications on file

Adding certifications to member accounts is not an automated process. A human being does it and sometimes humans make typos or don’t hit save.

To report an issue email [email protected] Please include:

  • When the issue happened
  • Your email associated with your Ace account
  • A forward of your knowledge check (if recently certified)
  • Any other relevant info

How to report certification

Fill out the Certification Spreadsheet.

  • Fill out one line per date somebody certifies (NOT ONE LINE PER PERSON)
  • Leave the DB col. on the left blank that is for admin folks.
  • Do mention if they are not a member at the time of certification

To request access email [email protected]

Tools that require certification

Training Recommended

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