The Secretary serves AMT as a key member of the officers team and as the official Secretary for Ace Monster Toys, Inc. He or she:

  • manages all the documentation
  • takes (or causes to be taken) minutes of meetings and publishes them
  • maintains filing systems including institutional knowledge and any necessary specifics of private issues.
  • checks our mail and files or distributes it if needed to the responsible party
  • makes sure all legal documentation is filed in a timely manner
  • receives and processes donations and makes sure any in-kind donators receive the appropriate receipts, in coordination with the Treasurer
  • is officially responsible for maintaining the list of Members of Ace Monster Toys, which is done through the website.

Along with the other officers, they help set the vision and goals of the organization and execute policies towards these goals. They promote volunteerism as a vital part of AMT’s culture. This position is expected to contribute 12 hours or more per month to fulfill the responsibilities and duties and receives a stipend of approx. $300.00 per month (before taxes).

Role Description

Record keeping

  • Maintain filing system and file new and historical documents accordingly
  • In particular, track rare institutional knowledge such as the very occasional bans, or other issues that should reasonably be private regarding the members concerned (this is a development project at the moment)
  • Maintain Docusign records, add new forms to Docusign, etc.
  • Maintain public-facing records such as the organizational chart, newsletter archive, Board minutes (see below), etc.

Check mail

  • Process and file it
  • Can access resources to cause the mail to be checked

Take notes and publish them

  • At Board meetings
  • At Member meetings
  • At ad-hoc meetings, when necessary
  • And/or set up systems for someone else to take and publish these meeting notes

Process donations

  • Collect needed information for the legal letter
  • Send it to the person donating it and file copy

Report state of the org

  • Give a report to the board monthly or ensure group written reports are posted
  • Contribute to the development of automated reporting

Drive vision and goals

  • Work toward goals set by the board
  • Collaborate with the board to set goals
  • Execute policies and decisions based on the mission, vision, and values

Run elections

  • Develop/run the process for the conversion of provisional members to full members
  • Oversee the records (develop process) for demoting old full members to null or provisional status when they leave the org
  • Run the bi-annual board elections

Supervise/lead others

  • Provide direction to dedicated MC resources and volunteers via established channels such as Docusign

Setting culture

  • Base decisions on and communicate the mission, vision, and values
  • Promote volunteerism
  • Promote volunteerism as solutions to challenges

Ensure compliance (501(c)3, govt, HR, Safety, Tax, etc.)

  • Manage all documentation
    • Member records including how the database is managed
  • Mail/file all legal paperwork
    • Ensure all paperwork is posted on-site as legally required (eg: biz lic, permits, HR materials)

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