Tag: Workshop How-to

Workshop Office Hours

Office hours are hosted in the workshop to provide members assistance with their projects and in navigating the shop itself. Office hour hosts are there to promote community within the organization and good practices within the Workshop. Members can get advice on a project, find help locating and understanding tools, and (if the host is …

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Workshop Finishing Guidelines

Please note that these rules are provisional, and subject to change at any time   Any spraying of accelerated materials is strictly limited – spraying for more than 15 seconds in a 30 minute window is prohibited. this is to facilitate the use of products like accelerator for CA glue not painting surfaces. The use …

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Workshop Rules

Make monthly contributions to the maintenance and usability of the space. Always wear proper attire and use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Always check your wood with the metal detector, especially if you got it from the scrap bin or if it is reclaimed. Always follow certification rules. The only equipment you are certified on. When …

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