Category: Textiles

Textiles Steward

Current Steward: Open Role descriptions are customized to suit the person or team volunteering. Learn more about the stewardship program at AMT. Responsibilities To keep the textiles area space open or cause the textiles area tools to stay running. To communicate to the membership about status and provide access to basic information for using the …

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Shotgun Silkscreen Workshop

These are notes for folks throwing the Shotgun Silkscreen Workshop == Supplies and Tools Needed == *shims – 8x *Spray Glue *Fabric Temporary Glue *Screen *Plastic Cording *Bandanas *Ink *Squeegie *Paper Plates *Plastic Spoons *Mylar Sheets *Razor Blades *Paper Towels *Brown craft Paper *Scissors *Pins *Hammer *Frames

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