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Mach3 is control software for CNC machines. It interprets G-code and tells the machine hardware what to do. It’s made by Newfangled solutions and their web page is here The user manual is here  

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Bending brake

A Harbor Freight 30″ sheet metal bending brake is located in the metal shop. Don’t use on sheet metal thicker than 17 gauge steel Usage: A thick piece of rectangular bar-stock is used in conjunction with this brake as work-holding. It should always be stored with the brake when not in use. Please clamp accordingly. …

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Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand

Use this for making bicycle wheels round. Located on the floor under the CNC router. It is a Park Tool TS-2 Wheel Truing Stand, [] You can find the user manual at [] [[File:Wheel_truing_stand.jpg|500px]] [[Category:Equipment]]

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