How to use the Class Development Template

ACE uses a google doc for class development. All class development documents link to a spreadsheet that includes a calculator we developed. The tables from the spreadsheet are then embedded in individual class development documents.

Template Format

  • Instructions – These are instructions on how to use the template.
  • Workshop Type – We have three types of classes, choose what best suits the class
  • Process/Flow – This is a very slim outline, with times, on how the workshop goes. They all start with the same setup and shut down.
  • Tools and supplies – This is a basic list of tools and supplies for used in the class
  • Pricing and BOM
    • Pricing – This has the decided ticket prices, with the number of students and scholarship info if applicable. The table in this section is linked to the spreadsheet tab for this class. Please note that when making a new document you will need to make a new tab in the spreadsheet and link it.
    • BOM
  • Development Notes – This section as a series of questions that should be answered about the development of the course plus any additional development information.
  • Lessons Learned from First Workshop – just that! Do a post mortem and note lessons learned and adjust the workshop as needed.
  • Class Description for Course Listing – using the information above write an appealing class listing for the workshop. Placeholder for repeated copy can be used.
  • Market Research – Is what is says it is.

Using the Template

  1. Make a copy of the template or class that uses the template.
  2. Rename the document
  3. Make a copy of the relevant class calculator table in the spreadsheet, link to the new document
  4. Write the new class development information in.



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