Laser water chiller air filter cleaning

According to the LightObject 1600W Water Chiller instructions, we should be periodically cleaning the 2 filters on each side of the unit.

With the unit off, use the two locking catches to remove one of the white metal side panels:

The goal is to remove the black mesh frame from the white metal panel, start by popping out the plastic catches and handle:

So that you can pass the filter up and out of the frame.

Slide the black filter up and out, then set inside face down and vacuum.

Also make sure to vacuum up the dust left inside the white metal panel (and any dirt you leave behind on the surface where you’re doing this cleaning!)

Put everything back together, making sure that the catches stick upward:

And then repeat the process on the other side. Use /asset AMT228 in Slack to report the cleaning status of the filters.

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