Laser Maintenance Certification

Why get Laser Maintenance certified?

  • Become certified to troubleshoot and fix common maintenance issues and improve the laser’s performance while you’re using it. For example, if cuts aren’t as clean as you’d like them to be, you will become certified to clean the lens and mirrors by yourself to get a sharper cut.
  • Learn more about how the laser works – it’s fascinating!
  • Help keep the laser in good working condition for all laser users – completing maintenance is a great way to make your monthly contribution!

How to get Laser Maintenance certified?

  1. Sign up for a FREE Laser Maintenance class on the Ace Calendar.
  2. Attend the Laser Maintenance class, and learn how to do all of the steps of laser maintenance.
  3. After the class, schedule a time to perform a complete maintenance on the laser with a Team Laser buddy who can observe and answer any questions that you have while you’re performing the maintenance. You can do this by asking your laser maintenance instructor right after class, messaging your instructor on Slack, or messaging @teamlaser on the #laser Slack channel.
  4. Perform a complete maintenance (instructions here) with a Team Laser buddy observing you. Ask them any questions that come up during the process. (Be sure to log the maintenance in the #laser Slack channel by using /asset amt266)
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed until you are able to confidently perform a complete maintenance on the laser without needing assistance from a Team Laser buddy. Remember you can reference the maintenance instructions on the Wiki whenever you need!
  6. Once you are able to complete the maintenance by yourself without needing significant help from your Team Laser buddy, your Team Laser buddy will certify you, allowing you to do maintenance on your own. Be sure to always log any maintenance you do using /asset amt266 in the #laser Slack channel!

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