Map Clocks – Ace Guided Projects


The Kit

  • 1, 11.75″ round prefinished maple blank
  • 1 Paper Placement Template
  • DXF Files
  • Illustrator Design Files
  • SVG Files (note that layers will not be honored on import into laser soft)

[Photo of all the parts + Labeled box]

Download Digital Components


Step 1: Get the DXF file

You can download the files including the DXF from the link above OR pull from the server at Member Files>Guilde Projects>Cork Coasters. There are 3 layers in the DXF Files:

  1. Cut center (cut): (Green)
  2. Faux etched (cut):  (Blue)

[screen shot in LaserSoft of the Laser Art.


Step 2: Start-Up the laser – Follow all the startup instructions

  • Check the Filter type is right for your material type (acrylic). Change if needed. This project needs a Green Organics filter. (instructions)
  • Turn on the Main Switch (on the back wall)
  • Do a draw test. Change the filter if needed. (See wiki for instructions)
  • Turn on the green and red switches on the right side of laser (they light up)
  • Fob in at with your RFID fob on the laser box
  • Check that the air compressor (behind the laser) and water chiller (left side) and blower are on.
  • Report what works or issues on Slack

Step 3: Set up LaserSoft and Import the File

  • Open LaserSoft
    • Check that the parameters are set to default and match the screen shots below
      Factory Parameters

      [workspace screenshot with the relative position set to center]

      User Parameters


      Additional Features


  • Check that the computer can see the laser. In the middle of the LaserSoft screen at the bottom, it should say “Connected”. (See this post about troubleshooting the connection)
    connected message


  • Import the GP-cork-coaster-designs.dxf bfile into LaserSoft
    • Choose Open import with these settings


      Open Import details


  • Add the layer settings for cutting and etching
    • Double click on one of the rows in the Layer Parameter pallet to bring the layers dialog box up
    • Input these settings for the layers
      • Logo Etched: (Blue) – [settings]
      • Logo parts faux etched (Pink) – [settings]
  • Download the art to the laser cutter
    • Choose Download under the layer menu
      Download button on the main screen


    • Check the settings. Make sure all the check marks match the screenshot below.
      Download dialog box with the correct checkmarks


    • Check the Re-Optimal Path settings. Click the 3 little dots to open the dialog box. It should look like the screen shot below.
      Path Optimization Dialog box


    • Click download once everything has been checked.
      Click on Download


  • You will hear a beep on the laser when it is done downloading
    • The screen on the laser confirms the file name, and shows a related graphic
    • Note the power settings don’t update until the job is running

Step 4: Set up the material and focus

      1. Use the paper template included to mark the center of the wood round with a small pencil mark. You will use this to set your relative position in a moment.
      2. Zero the bed – Also know as adjusting the z axis – How to guide
      3. Position the marked wood round on the bed
      4. Using the focus tool on the cut setting, move the head to near but not over the edge of the wood round, close enough that you can use the focus tool
        [screen shot of the head, focus tool, and wood round]
      5. Press Z- in small bumps until the head is focused on the wood round in the cut setting setting
      6. Move the head with the red light over the center dot you marted with the paper template.
      7. Press Origin
      8. Verify positioning by “running the box”

Step 5: Run the Job

Please note the art for the clock is supposed to run over the edges. It was designed with a little bit of “slop” to accommodate a few millimeter of positioning variance.

    1. Troubleshoot as need (see the binder)

Step 6: Shut down – See Shutdown checklist

    1. Break down and bag all your material
    2. Move the laser head to the very back of the laser
    3. Fob out of the fob box
    4. Turn off the laser (both red and green switches)
    5. Turn off the main switch
    6. Clean down the laser inside and out

Step 7: Finish up

  1. Return the Jig to the Coaster Project Display
  2. If donating the coasters return to the bag they came in and mark “donation” and your name.

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