Shit in the way of the laser cutter. Needs to be moved out of the way:

Possible options for each item:
# Owner takes it home
# Find a new spot for it at AMT
# Sell it and donate profits to AMT
# Take it outside and set it on fire

Please put your name next to each item if you wish to take charge of that item, along with what you plan to do with it. Any items not claimed by next week’s meeting (6/2/2011) will be decided on by an AMT committee appointed to handle it.

* Server rack with servers in it
* Pile of servers – Dr. J picking up on 6/3 or 6/5
* Wobbly gridbeam frame – Mike will dismantle
* Wooden table w/ green top – move to other side of room
* Red machine (some kind of metal cutting device iirc?) – ”Band saw (which works) for metal. Needs to stay.”
* Pile of servers on floor
* Pile of cables of floor
* Bin full of HDDs – part SAN array
* Box full of plastic tubes – hephs’
* Pile of cardboard squares
* 3 Cardboard boxes full of computer/server parts?
* Arcade cabinet — Mike G will get rid of
* Laser printers — Dave in charge of handling them. All three need toner before we can test if they actually work. I suggest we keep one that works, and bring it upstairs, and get rid of the other two. Here’s a cheap compatible toner: – ”Daniel Reetz is happy to take these from us for some of the electronics in them.”
* Display cabinet — ”’Mike G.”’ will get rid of
* Christian’s CNC machine — he should handle it
* Red cabinet — bring upstairs

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