PDF manuals for laser cutter and software:

LightObject LO-1600W Chiller

Barracuda Laser Cutter Manual

Old/Out of Date Links:

  • [[File:Laser Manual1280.pdf|RTENOTITLE]] – Manual for EXLAS 1280 laser.
  • Out of Date – We no longer use this software [[File:Lasercut5.3 Manual.pdf|RTENOTITLE]] – Software manual for the laser cutting software LaserCut 5.3 which is included with XYZ-Tech’s machines
  • Out of Date – We replaced this board in Sept. 2017 [[File:MPC6515 Manual.pdf|RTENOTITLE]] – Manual for MPC6515, the laser motherboard (technical info, not needed for general usage of the laser)
  • Chiller CW 5000 Manual

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