User Cleaning

Steps for cleaning up after EVERY use

This page provides instructions on how to clean up after you’ve finished using the laser, assuming normal laser functioning.

  • Log how much time you used on the current filter using “/asset” in slack. If the filter is exhausted be sure to remove it and throw it away before you go. Leave a clear indicator that the next user needs to replace the filter.
  • Before you fob out and turn off the main power switch, move the laser head to the back of the bed.
  • Clean out the trap under the honeycomb with the microfiber tools.
  • Use the microfiber tools to wipe down the main surfaces inside and outside the laser. (You can also use a damp cloth; use water only.)
  • Be sure to clean the trap under the laser.
  • Remove big project or scrap pieces from the laser, then vacuum up any remaining tidbits. (Remember that the honeycomb is made up of lots of thin pieces of metal; be gentle with it and it will probably be nice to you.)
  • Clean up your project and scrap material. If you have sizable scrap, trim off any unusable areas before returning it to the shelf. Store all scrap and tagged project material in the laser storage area.
  • If your unusable scrap is small, toss it in the trash. If it’s long or bulky, ”’pack it out with you”’.
  • Look around the laser room, because inevitably you’ve forgotten some scrap or project material.
  • Does the room smell like campfire or acrylic fumes? Consider leaving the Honeywell air filter on (you should have turned this filter on when you started your session).

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