Tips for posting about On-Request classes on slack

ACE offers On-Request classes (but doesn’t guarantee them). You can read more about them here. 

The idea is that the person or people doing the requesting do the cat-herding and recruiting. And don’t make that work something that another volunteer has to manage for you or even be part of. They are super busy design awesome content or taking care of tools!

When posting to slack here are some tips:

  • Include a link to a previous class description or page; avoid posting class descriptions in the slack channels. That is a lot to look through
  • Include instructions for people to PM you with dates if they are interested. Have your conversations about availability off-channel. Dates conversations on-channel is really hard to follow and can go in circles. You want your post to attract an instructor to stand out and it often will get lost in a protracted dates conversation.
  • Consider posting a link to a doodle or other calendar organizer for people to opt-in about
  • Succinct posts in slack are the most successful. Shorter is better.
  • AMT members can use the member directory to look up people with similar “Want to Learn” interests and you can reach out to them directly in slack

Also, consider:

  • Recruiting from your friend base or on social media

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