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How to add an asset

To add an asset to the database you will need:

  • Access to a printer
  • Access to any free QR Code Generator like (The DYAMO label printer at ACE comes with one)
  • Access to a camera (smartphone camera is great)
  • Access to tape or a big fat label maker (ACE has one, see below)
  • Access to edit the wiki
  • Access to the ACE Grand Central – email [email protected]

Step One – Add the item Assets in Grand Central

You will need a user account first. Email [email protected] to request one.

Step Two – Make a wiki post

  • Name the wiki post the Asset number + Description from the asset DB (permalink should only be asset number)
  • Take several pictures of the thing so that people can easily see what you are referring to. Include a closer upshot of the label you just applied
  • Choose the relevant categories and tags on the right-hand menus
  • Add the shortcode as the first line of text (instruction on use shortcode)
  • Add the following information below the shortcode:
    • Make/Model: The make and model of the tool from the manufacturer
    • Documentation: (link to documentation, this can be an online manual or on our wiki, whether this page or another is your choice. Google is your friend)
    • Pictures!

Step Three –  Label the asset

For AMT owned equipment

  • There is a Dymo Label printer attached the computer on the member services desk. You can use that to generate a label with a QR code and a “Property of ACE” note. You can also print the information on regular paper and affix it with packing tape.
  • For ACE Property the label should have the following information
    • Asset Number
    • QR code linking to the wiki article
    • Property of Ace Makerspace
  • For Loaned Property the label should have the following information:
    • Asset Number
    • QR code linking to the wiki article
    • Property of [Name of the person who loaned it]

Step Four – Set the status

  • Go to the relevant channel in slack and use the /asset command to set the status

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