What to do with sawdust

The short answer is to bag it, take it home, throw it away.

We know you are saying to yourself “but all this sawdust isn’t mine…”

Well, the price of using a shared space is that sometimes you take home more than just your sawdust.

If for some reason when you empty the cyclone, table saw vac, sanding station vac, or jet dust collector and there is a huge amount of dust, more than you can take home, you have options:

Split it up into more manageable contractor bags full of dust. Take one home. Leave the rest on the main shop worksurface labeled “Take me to your home trash. Do not just shove in the corner or put on the floor.”

And remember ya’ll are on camera.

AMT works on community! Your dues are low because of a combination of these small things.

There are some tools including a red hamper to hold open contractor bags over by the bandsaw.

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