When to call dibs:

  • When you want to use a machine in a specific time period
  • When you are going to do a big project in a space
  • When you need it to be quiet for a class
  • When you need to use the whole area

How to call dibs on a tool or area:

  • Go to the relevant channel on Slack
  • Call dibs by saying when you are going to bogart the tool or space
  • Pin the post
  • Remove the pin when you’re done

Dibs Facts

  • Call as much or as little as you need
  • Check other people’s dibs before you call yours
  • Check the calendar to make sure there is not a class
  • If you don’t show up in the first 15 min., folks will consider the tool or area fair game and that you are flaking on your dibs (don’t do this a lot).
  • If your dibs dominates a whole room for recording you should put a sign on the door letting people know recording is going on.

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