AMT220 DeWalt Dual Hand Bandsaw

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Make/Model: Dewalt DCS376

Documentation: Manual PDF


WARNING: The use of any other blade or accessory might be hazardous. DO NOT use any other type of accessory with your band saw. Blades used on stationary band saws are of different thickness. Do not attempt to use them on your portable unit. This portable band saw is designed to use .020″ (0.5 mm) thick, 1/2″ (12.5 mm) wide and 44–7/8″ (1140 mm) long blades. DO NOT use .025 (.64 mm) thick blades.

Blade Selection

In general, first consider the size and shape of the work, and the type of material to be cut. Remember, for the most efficient cutting, the coarsest tooth blade possible should be used in a given application, because the coarser the tooth, the faster the cut. In selecting the appropriate number of teeth per inch of the band saw blade, at least two teeth should contact the work surface when the blade is rested against the workpiece. As a rule of thumb, soft materials usually require coarse tooth blades, while hard materials require fine tooth blades. Where a smoother finish is important, select one of the finer tooth blades. Select the appropriate band saw blade according to the material type, dimensions, and number of teeth. See Blade Description chart from manual.

Basic blades: AMAZON purchasing link

NOTICE: Never use the band saw to cut resin materials which are subject to melting. Melting of resin material caused by high heat generated during cutting may cause the band saw blade to become bound to the material, possibly resulting in overload and burn-out of the motor.

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