snaps with dies


This post is all about setting snaps and all the ways possible at ACE.

BG Press and Die Setters and Snaps

We currently carry Line 20 and 24 BG Snaps and have matching dies that work with BG presses and hand setters. The price list for the hardware can be found here. There is also a cheat sheet for hardware setting here.

We have Ring Socket type snaps. They have 4 parts: Cap, Socket, Stud, and Post.

They are stored in clear plastic boxes, separated by part type and snap finish (Black Matte/Antique Brass/Nickel Plate).

organizer case full of snaps

The dies for these also have 4 parts:

4 parts of snap dies
The dies are stored in another clear box, along with the dies for some other types of hardware (grommets and rivets).

case full of dies for snaps, grommets, and rivets

This is how the snap parts go together with the die parts:

snap die parts with corresponding snap parts

For a demonstration of how to set snap fasteners in leather, check out this video


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