How to get and process mail


We get packages in three places usually.

  • By the coke machine in the main hallway. Check both sides and the white shelves.
  • At the doors to any of the suites.
  • Stuffed in the mailbox

What Members should do with packages

Members should put packages on the Red and Blue lockers (in #113 Storage/Metal) and message @facilities on slack with a photo or note.

Processing Packages

This is done by the Ace Associate and assigned via an Asana task

  1. Check the three locations packages might be. Also check stairwells and other random places people might bring things into.
  2. Check any pings to @facilities for information on packages that might come in
  3. Refer to the Receiving spreadsheet for item-specific instructions.  If no information or instructions are available or clear contact your supervisor.
  4. Break down any boxes or other packaging that things might come in and recycle or dispose of correctly.


This is done by the Ace Associate and assigned via an Asana task. This is different than processing packages.

  1. Check the mailbox for mail.
  2. Throw away anything that isn’t addressed to us unless it looks particularly interesting and relevant.
  3. Place mail in mailboxes in suite 206 and let @officers know there is mail. Note any mail that looks like checks or government information

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