Monster Corps/MC Job Descriptions

This is a collection of various Monster Corps job descriptions we have staffed over time.

”’On Site Operations.”’ There are a million little tasks from order lightbulbs, filing the mail, keeping us organized, and just cleaning up. This will also include some project management and reporting as well as safety inspections. All those tasks keep us operating like a smooth oiled machine.

”’Textiles Experts”’ We are looking for folks who know sewing and sewing machine and more importantly have the time to keep the sewing studio ship shape.

”’Admin. ”’Training available. This is a record keeping position done 2 hours per week. It includes things like picking up the mail and working in the woo-commerce platform to keep member accounts up to date. Training possible.

”’Box-Bots Program Team Member.”’ Help our electronics steward grow and run our fighting robot program! This is a great opportunity to get electronics exposure and work with a new set of folks at AMT. The kinds of things that need doing are marketing, assembling kits, and collaborating on ideas to make it more fun and less work to run.

”’Shop Maintenance. ”’We need somebody who can keep order in the workshop. This includes changing filters, maintaining tools (basics), regular organizing and cleaning. This work can be done days or evenings and is best accomplished in 2 four hour session a month. 

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