Legacy CNC Router Start Up Checklist

This is post is applicable to the old CNC Router that we sold in 2022. It is not applicable to the new CNC Router.

CNC startup list

Start up and shut down check list as of May 2021:

Check clothing, jewelry and eyes (no long sleeves, no dangly stuff and wear eye protection) Ear protection is recommended.

Check Trash can connected to the Cyclone. Is the can > 1/2 full? (empty or post on Slack and don’t use)

Check router area – Is table clean and gantry area clear.

Turn on the computer and monitor (make sure there is no USB drive inserted until after the computer has started up)

When offered the choice of user, choose the one on the right. (AMT CNC USER)

Any Microsoft warnings that come up can be dismissed by choosing the “later” option.

Turn on the light switch in the box on the orange cord. This turns on the stepper motors. These must be on before launching Mach4.

Launch Mach4 from the desktop icon.

Choose the setting AAROUTER, it should be the top one.

Activate the gantry movement by clicking the Enable button on the screen (or the blue button on the X Box controller)

Test the gantry is active and working properly by moving it up an inch or two. (right joystick forward)

Click “Reference All Axes (Home)” and allow to finish.

Attach your work piece to the spoil board with one of the approved methods. (brass screws, plastic nails)

Install the mill you want to use.

Set the X, Y, and Z zeroes to match those in your G Code. Take care to not use a setting that will cut into the spoil board. You should never cut into the spoil board intentionally.

Check the router speed is set correctly.

Check that the flue is open for the dust collection. Turn on the Cyclone. See What to do if the collection can was not emptied if a previous user has left sawdust behind.

Start the router and run the G Code.


Once finished reverse the above plus:

Remove all wood scraps, remnants, and fasteners (screws, etc…)

Return bits, collets, wrenches and screws to cabinet

Sweep or shop vac router table, gears, and area around table. Look for dust.

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