How to sell things at Ace events

  • It is best if folks wanting to sell also sign up to staff the booth or support the event by packing or cleaning up after strike
  • After the event, Ace Resellers need to come to pick up the unsold items within 3 days and are then paid out within 15 days

For Members With Items to Sell

If you would like to sell items that you’ve made at Ace events, please follow the step below.

  1. Sign up for the event(s) and make plans to attend! Start making or organizing your wares.
  2. Sign the AMT Resale Agreement to acknowledge how funds are collected and distributed by Ace.
  3. Tag your items with your Ace Reseller ID and the Price. Use this calculator to better understand the relationship between what you charge and what you earn.
  4. Complete Reseller Profile to ensure that you can receive your payment from Ace.

For Booth Staff: At the Point of Sale – Using the Square App/Bluetooth card reader

  1. Using keypad, enter sales price amount, a brief item description, and Ace Reseller ID. The Ace Reseller ID must be recorded to ensure the maker is paid!
  2. Follow on-screen prompts to complete the transaction.

Please note this requires the Ace’s Square Credentials that are provided to booth staff at the event

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