How to process starving hacker and scholarship applications

This details the setup and processing instructions for starving hacker and scholarship applications. There is a google form link on the membership page of the website.

When an applicant fills out and submits an application a copy of the thank you email is sent to the secretary for review. This is the response they receive:

We received your application for a starving hacker or scholarship membership rate at Ace Makerspace.

Our volunteers will review it within the next 7-10 and you will receive another email with further instructions and information from Ace Makerspace.

Check for previous membership

The Secretary reviews the applications to make sure they are complete and checks to see if the applicant is a former member. So this by searching the email and name in the member database.

Please note if you find the person was blocked for NSF send an email informing that they have an outstanding bill at Ace and are not eligible for membership at this time.

If you find the person was blocked for other reasons please send an email stating the date they were blocked and refer the to the board if they have any questions.

Processing for existing members

If the member is a current Ace Member send them this email via Follow-Ups using the Scholarship 2020 Discount Coupon or Starving Hacker 2020 Discount Coupon templates. Choose the option to “send to this customer” when choosing the “Send Email To” parameters.

Be sure to add this note at the top of the email:

IMPORTANT! You need to cancel your existing membership subscription in order to use this new discount rate coupon! You need to do this at least one day before your subscription renewal date on {subs_renew_date}. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

Processing for new members

Review the application for completeness. If complete send the coupon.

Use the Follow-Ups Template that applies between these two options: Scholarship 2020 Discount Coupon or Starving Hacker 2020 Discount Coupon and send the qualified applicant the discount coupon email.

If the application is incomplete. Say the applicant only uses a letter for their last name and not their actual last name etc. Send them an email telling them that their application was denied because it was incomplete. It should be very hard for an applicant to skip any of the required questions.

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