Administrative process for State of the Organization Reports

State of the organization reports (SOO’s) are monthly reports created by the officers and org that provide transparency about how the organization is doing with goals, marketing, and financial status. These reports are used for analysis and drive decisions. They are data-heavy and tend not to be very narrative.

The Secretary manages the SOO’s as they are part of record-keeping and meeting management.

Parameters and general information

  • SOO’s close on the 10th date of the month and provide reporting for the previous month
  • SOO’s are published to the wiki on the 11th day of the month and the governance team especially the board is informed they are available for analysis.
  • It is important that timelines are kept too so everyone has time to review the material prior to meetings and to drive decisions.
  • The base document and linked spreadsheet are owned by the [email protected] google drive


The workflows below show what needs to be done but do not go into detail on how to do it. 

This is the basic workflow the Secretary completes:

  • On the first of the month update the spreadsheet that drives the:
    • Membership table
    • The membership chart
    • The year over year membership chart
    • The soft demographic charts
  • On the first of the month send out reminders for contributors to add their information before the EOD on the 10th. Follow up as needed
  • Add any unique Secretary updates before EOD on the 10th
  • Close the report on the 10th and publish to the wiki. Send notification on Slack #governance that the report is available.
  • Copy the just-published report and update the file name and dates for the current month. Remove any of the unique updates from the previous month but leave the charts as placeholders. Make sure it is shared with the other officers and send out a notice that the new doc has been shared. Example: If it is November and we are working on the October report, we need a working November document. (Please note this can be done any time after the 1st of the month and the current working report does not need to be complete.)

This is the basic workflow the other officers and the board complete:

  • Once there is a document for the current month each officer and board members can start adding their updates as they occur. This happens for the duration of the month.
    Please note this document is shared with specific people and an “open” link is not created. If you need edit access please contact [email protected]
  • All updates must be in by the 10th of the month so the Secretary can publish the report.


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