How to Mega Dust the Workshop

Mega Dusting is a monthly process done to both the front and back rooms of the shop in #214 downstairs

Prepare yourself and the rooms

  • Note and remove any existing dust in the cyclone can and alert workshop leadership @team-workshop
  • Put away any hand tools or supplies that have been left out
  • Put away all consumables that have been left out
  • Set all the big tools back in their default locations
  • Put on an N95 dust mask or full covid safe respirator. No really. This is dangerous.
  • Turn on the air scrubbers and the cyclone – these must be emptied and maintained before the Mega Dust starts.
  • Make sure the people in the rooms have safety gear on or leave.

Knock-down the dust

The idea here is to get the dust to a place you can vacuum it up. AKA the floor

  • Sweep off all the work surfaces
  • Use the dust broom to knock the dust off all the walls
  • Use the curvy bendy duster tool to knock the dust off the pipe

Suck it up

  • Using the gutter kit for the shop vac vacuum all the ledges on the trusses and any other items hanging from the ceiling
  • Vacuum out the grey bins under the fire cabinet
  • Wipe down/vacuum off the tops of the PPE bins behind the door
  • Show vac off of major tools and wood storage areas
  • Vacuum dust the hardware storage area
  • Sweep and shop vac the floors including:
    • under the workbenches
    • tools under workbenches

Send it to the cleaners

  • Take the covers off the bendy duster and the wide dustmop. Bag them in a kitchen bag.
  • Attach a note that says: WASH ME and return to grey cabinet within two weeks, please. Counts as little thing.
  • Put new covers on dusters. They should be in the grey cleaning supplies cabinet in suite #113

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