Co-working Steward

Current Steward: Open

Role descriptions are customized to suit the person volunteering. Learn more about the stewardship program at AMT.


  • To keep the co-working area functioning and welcoming
  • Create and maintain task lists to keep the area nice (for use by member and monster corps to contribute to the care of the area)
  • Manage amenities such as extra monitors and keyboards
  • Manage supplies and consumables
    • Keep us in toner for the printer (1x per month as needed)
    • Order office supplies as needed and in budget
  • Keep, or cause the room to stay orderly, clean and neat
    • Straighten up the table and chairs (1-3 x per week)
    • Keep surfaces clear (1-2x per week)
    • Keep the trash and recycle under control (1x per week)
  • To communicate with the membership about status and provide access to basic information for using the tools and the space.
  • Contribute to the management of improvement projects like a quiet booth or storage


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