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Executive Director

Executive Director is the functional title for the officer position known as President in the by-laws and prior to 2019. Responsibilities Provide support for leaders Stewards = Basic support as their manager including backing authority with the membership For officers operational oversight Board to ratify policies and processes Recruit leaders’: On point for stewards asset …

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Contracting Services

AMT contracts for services from time to time At the BEGINNING of the contract get: *A completed [,d.cGw W-9 Form] *A contact email You have to get it at the before the contract starts. We have an obligation to 1099 all contractors we pay $600 or more to in a year. [[Category:Treasurer Resources]][[Category:Officer Resources]][[Category:Steward Resources]]

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Tool and Equipment Acquisition Policy

Mission-driven Spending Decisions Ace is in the business of disrupting systems that have kept makerspace resources and benefits siloed to people of privilege. Key to that is creating welcoming inclusive environments and experiences for all types of users. We pay special attention to factors that may have keptĀ  Black, Indigenous, People of Color, transgender, gender-nonconforming, …

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