Board of Directors

Current board members

  • Matti Cridland (they/them) (by appointment)
  • Sylvia Gonzalez (she/her) (by appointment)
  • David Perry (he/him) (by appointment)
  • Two openings

Role Description

The board at AMT is composed of five directors. These directors work with the officers to form the leadership team at AMT. Specifically, the board oversees and supports the officers, and makes sure the organization is working to fulfill its mission.

Directors Desired Contribution: WORK, WISDOM, OR WEALTH

Any ONE of these contributions is incredibly meaningful!

WORK. This is the opportunity to craft your engagement. A meaningful contribution is usually from 15-20 hours a month. Examples of possibilities are taking on grant applications or fulfilling operational needs. The latter will ensure that as a director you have your finger on the pulse of the membership.

WISDOM. Professional HR, legal or business skills are especially valuable and consulting contributions meaningful. At Ace Monster Toys Makerspace (AMT) this is especially true as we are in a transitional phase after a period of rapid growth.

WEALTH. A significant financial contribution would allow AMT to sustain and extend programs and grow the infrastructure toward sustainability. Wealth isn’t just a check though. Leveraging an established professional network to ensure AMT has the right opportunities in the community would also be significant.

Director expectations

All board members have the same role. Directors are expected to:

  • attend board meetings (including monthly board meetings and working meetings as discussed)
  • Read the State of the Org reports and provide recommendations and support to officers / leaders
  • Ratifies the budget, and two members of the board take part in the annual budget committee. Directors also approve budget changes and review the State Of the Org (SOO) document every month
  • Directors connect with the community through community events (for example, attending the Thursday member meetings)
  • Directors recruit officers and provide support and performance feedback

One board member generally serves as chairperson and has a few additional duties. The chairperson schedules regular meetings and creates the agenda page, gets food for the meetings, and sends out reminders about upcoming board meetings. They also oversee board onboarding for new directors.

Directors Commitment

Directors at AMT commit to a 1-year term of service. This includes a once-monthly board meeting (generally at AMT; on-site presence expected), onboarding activities, and associated tasks.

The first 30 Days – Onboarding

We believe that the best experience for the director and the organization begins with an immersive experience. We have designed a “boot camp” to fast-track learning for new directors. Activities include: Review by-laws and directors duties, complete a personal profile, instructions on our discussion platforms to members, Attend member onboard class, participate in one cycle of the work exchange program, shadow the treasurer for one budget update cycle, attend one General Membership meeting, attend one open lab and one maker class.



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