Workshop Finishing Guidelines

Please note that these rules are provisional, and subject to change at any time


  1. Any spraying of accelerated materials is strictly limited – spraying for more than 15 seconds in a 30 minute window is prohibited. this is to facilitate the use of products like accelerator for CA glue not painting surfaces.
  2. The use of non-aerosol water based finishes or those cut with alcohol, such as Shellac, is permitted.
  3. The use of non-aerosol low VOC paint (e.g. latex based) is permitted.
  4. If any other shop user asks you to stop using any product, stop immediately.
  5. Log all use of VOC or other finishing products on the clipboard by the door.
  6. Limited use of other products may be permitted by request to the steward.
  7. Dispose of all rags or other applicators in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines (the red trash can by the planer is for oil rags only).
  8. If in doubt as to whether a product is permitted, ask in advance.
  9. Often the question of whether a product is permitted will be a question of scale, a cutting board may be fine, a 12′ slab is not.
  10. Finished pieces may not be left unattended, and must remain in the workshop until dry or be moved off-site.
  11. Dibs must be posted to the Slack #workshop channel prior to finishing activities, but does not preclude other members from working in the shop. Please note that dust exists in the shop, and more may be generated while you are finishing.
  12. The presence of any product in the yellow fire-proof cabinet is not considered to be permission to use that product.

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