Troubleshoot your ACE Fob

It is very frustrating when your fob doesn’t work. We understand that. The following information is set up to empower you to participate and expedite your access solutions.

How to request help

Before you request help or assume a door is broken do the following:

Next, collect information and send it to [email protected] or report it on #fob-all-the-things

  • What door or device did you try?
  • When did you try it?
  • What failed?
  • When was your fob activated?
  • When did your fob last work?
  • What message showed on the laser box?

Please note that ACE does not have staff. It may take between 24 to 48 hours to respond. And while your fob not working is very frustrating, it is not an emergency.

How to check if your fob is broken

Can you access Coworking in 206? If so swipe your fob on the fob station. If you don’t get a print out then your key fob is broken and you need to get a replacement.

Did the RFID reader beep or did the light flash? If it didn’t respond to your fob is broken and you need a replacement.

How to check your account status

  • Log on to your account at (Not this wiki site… they are different)
  • Make sure you can see your member profile in the directory and that your C192 Certification is listed.
  • You can also check your membership from your account page

Vaccinations are currently required at Ace including verification being on file. Learn more on the Ace COVID Safety page.

If your membership has lapsed which sometimes happens due to expired credit cards or just forgetting to hit renew, you can pay your dues and it will automatically turn your fob back on. This process takes up to an hour to cycle to all the doors and devices. You can also check your certifications this way.

Common Scenarios

Did the fob reader beep and turn green?

    • If yes, check your account status.
    • If your account status is current and was made current more than 1 hour ago, yet the door/machine still isn’t working please request help.

Did the laser not recognize your fob?

Did you get a rejection message? If so it, request help. If not, replace your fob.

Did you keep getting “door protect” errors even though you fobbed in and got the welcome message? Report the issue on the #laser channel with attention to @teamlaser

Did the reader beep but the door remains locked?

  • Please report the issue using the request help steps.
  • Access the backup keys in another room if available.

Back up keys

As we upgrade our access systems a set of back up keys were placed about the space. Each door hand to be configured properly with a metal key. Currently, the 214 back up key was removed from the space as folks kept leaving it unlocked.

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