Suite 206 Room Layout

Textiles and Coworking Room Layout and Ettiquette

Suite 206 where Coworking and Textiles Live is designed as a flexible modular space. That means it can be reconfigured in many ways for many uses. It also means folks using this space need to be extra mindful about returning it to the default configurations when they are done.


  • Return the room to the default layout – even if you didn’t get everything left out
  • Return any folding chairs you got out
  • Return all tables including cut tables to their default location
  • Put away any equipment, office supplies, and tools
  • Take out any smelly or full trash and recycle
  • Put away any monitors, cables and peripherals you used
  • Let @facilities or @support know if we are out of anything on Slack
  • The refrigerator is okay for day use to keep your lunch safe, but stuff left in it will be tossed at the end of the day. If you take drinks out to make space for your lunch fill it back up again when you leave.

Default Layout

Below is a large illustration of the default room layout. Please let us know how we can better detail where things go if possible. Click on the image to view a larger version.

206 Default Room Layout Large

  • Please note how the tables are aligned with the power drops
  • Please note how the machines are arranged in the storage area
  • Please never use the operations Resource Area as a workstation
  • Please do not use the dedicated desk unless you are renting it

Weekly Tidy Up

This is the list of things that should be done weekly to keep things in order.

  • Chairs are neatly placed at workstations or hot desks
  • Desktop stuff is placed neatly and cords are well organized. For example, lamps are plugged in. 
  • Random items on desktops and work surfaces are cleared off. Put them away neatly, or make a pile and post it to me or the channel to see what to do with the stuff
  • Neaten up things like business cards, flyers, and other displays
  • In the kitchenette, are there paper towels on the roll dispenser (extras in grey honor bar) is the drainboard neatly on the edge of the sink so it drains into the sink? Is the sponge funky… does it need to be replaced?
  • Do a good look around and ask “is everything in an intentional home?


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