Steward Support

Stewards need a support and are great leaders. They need support. If you would like to support a steward you can sign up to do any of these regular tasks.

*Co-host a regular event (example: Co-host BoxBots fight night, or do the [[AMT_General_Meeting|hospitality]] on the second meeting of the month)
*Sign up to take on one of the regular maintence cycles (example: changing/cleaning the filters on the honeywell, taking a shop vac to the CNC area ever other week, vacumming the classroom)
*Make arrangments with a steward to do one 1 hour task a month to be arranged by the steward
*Help promote or blog one thing in that stewards area 1x per month

Talk to the steward or officer to get training and step up. Most tasks are managed in asana.
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