Large Format Printer Steward

This stewardship takes about 5 to 8 hours a month, though possibly less once documentation is caught up.

Current Steward: Open

Looking for the Wide Format Printer Overview Page?

Role descriptions are customized to suit the person volunteering. Learn more about the stewardship program at AMT.

Core Responsibilities

Keep it running

  • Check it on a regular schedule to make sure it stays running
  • Calibrate and maintain as needed
  • Purchase supplies as needed using discretionary budget
    • Ensure what we are charging has a chance of breaking even
    • Submit expense reports monthly
  • Check to see if it is breaking even quarterly

Communicate everything

  • Communicate technical needs to the IT Steward so drivers can be loaded on AMT machines
  • Wiki instructions for use
    • General printer use
    • Photoshop?
    • Color management
    • Papers & inks?

Make it accessible

  • Teach as you see fit
  • Answer questions from users
  • Give info or pictures to the Marcom team so we can brag
  • Make a Slack channel
    • Large-format-printer
    • Photo-printing
    • Something else?

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