Monster Corps Reporting

== Monster Corps Member Report Responsabilities ==

=== Availability ===

5 Days before month end (or when you start the program fill out the spreadsheet with your availability. I am looking for date and number of hours. 

[ Availabiltity Spreadsheet]

MC members who do not fill out their availability by the last day of hte month will not have their accounts renewed automatically. 

=== Task Assignments ===

Task Assignment happens two ways. Standing agreement or ssignment by the Monster Corps Coordinator. The Monster Corps Coordinator chooses the method for each Monster Corps Member.

==== Coordinator Assigned Tasks ====

#The Monster Corps Coordinator will send you a link with a list of tasks you have been tagged for.
#Review the list and make sure that the deadlines work for you and that you have the information needed to complete the task
##If you need to move the deadline contact the Monster Corps Coordinator as soon as possible
##If you would like to swap a task out for another task contact the Monster Corps Coordinator as soon as possible


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