How to manage Costco Deliveries

Costco Deliveries come between 9 am and 1 pm, generally. Details and individually planned deliveries are captured into the Asana task. This is what the process looks like to manage the delivery.

  1. The Costco Delivery Driver calls and says he is in the loading dock
  2. You ask him to use his pallet jack to load in the delivery… bring it to the laser room
  3. Check the paperwork against what is there, count the cases of things. If anything is missing have him note it on the slip before you sign for it.
  4. Next, Figure out what to load where. Backstock of soda and chips goes in the closet in laser AND in the bottom of the honor bar in Coworking
  5. Stock the honor bars in Clean Fabrication and Coworking. DO NOT OVERSTUFF THE JARS AND BINS. things should be neat, not smashed and not overly full. They can be refilled 1x per week. A selection of beverages goes in the fridges. There should still be room in each fridge for somebody to store their lunch.



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