How to lose membership privileges

This page details how any member, regardless of role, may lose their membership privileges. It has been put together to add clarity around challenging scenarios in response to member feedback. This is not an exhaustive list but rather a shortlist of recent examples.

Definition of membership privileges: The ability to be a member, member-applicant, or guest at AMT

Breaking the membership agreement is what will get your membership revoked.*

The following actions will severe the membership agreement.  Knowingly engaging in the below actions may result in more swift action by AMT :

  • Disposing or storing hazardous materials unsafely, including pouring them down the sink or in the street. Read your containers and act responsibly.
  • Removing tools and furniture from the space without express permission from leadership.
  • Loaning your key fob out.
  • Leaving your guests in the space.
  • A pattern of sleeping in the space (like more than a nap…)
  • Leaving the laser, CNC router, mill or other dangerous machinery running unattended.

*AMT will often work with people on corrective action before full stop revoking access and privileges.

Situational responses

AMT responds to each situation with a Warning, Yellow Card or Red Card in writing. The leadership team decides which response fits each situation contextually. Anything to do with harassment, violence, etc. are automatic Yellow or Red Cards. All serious complaints by members about other members are likely to result in a Yellow Card. AMT strives to maintain an inclusive and safe space for diverse peoples. Learn more about the complaint process here.


When a member problematic behavior or patterns of behavior at AMT they are warned in writing that continuation of that behavior will result in the loss of their membership privileges.

If the behavior comes up again a Yellow Card or Red Card will result.

Yellow Cards

When a Yellow Card is issued, the member’s privileges are suspended pending peer review. Peer review must be requested by the suspended member. Learn more about the review process here.

Red Cards

When a member’s behavior is serious enough they may be issued a Red Card and will be notified that their privileges are permanently suspended. The outcome of the peer review process may also result in a Red Card.

Please note that this process is handled by the board in cases of full voting members, per the by-laws.

What does revoked membership privileges mean

Any member who has lost there membership privileges can not use AMT digital platforms or spaces; cannot use the space or be on the property and cannot engage in any AMT sponsored activities. Attempting to do so will be considered trespassing.

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